Our Success Stories

Taylor Slango

Total Sales: $10,223 within 2 months of launching my business on my first launch.

  •   Email list from zero to 1.3k

  •   Group from non existent to 1.1k  

  •   30 courses sold.  

  •   I have gotten 3 podcast interviews.

Biggest takeaway: TAKING MESSY ACTION. I was always waiting until I was ready and learned in this program clarity comes through action.

I totally switched my niche from working business to business to business to consumer but entering IBA I was afraid of that. But IBA showed me to follow my gut on what I want my message to be to the world and obviously there was a need for it.

I literally can’t believe I had my first 5 figure month in business. I’m still it total awe of that.

The tools Rachel has taught in the Impact Blogging Academy have been INSTRUMENTAL for me in building my business. 

 Since applying everything she's taught me from market research, to effect keyword use in my blogs, to email lists, to nurturing my list, running an effective free challenge to launch my course, has all led me to have massive success with my first fully independent online course. 

By applying her tools I made $7K my first launch with my free 5 day challenge, and $4K with my 1.5 hour workshops, and now had my first major launch making $5,000 in a day!

If it wasn't for this step by step system, I have no clue where I'd be… I have clarity, a huge vision, and am most importantly, impacting SO many more women than I could've purely through 1:1 coaching.

 I'm forever grateful and cannot recommend this course ENOUGH!!!

Megan Yelaney Bayen


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