The Top 3 Income Streams You Need to Have in Your Business to Create More Freedom

You’ve gotten as far as you can go trading time for money…Let me teach you how to get out of the hustle and create more FREEDOM.

What you’ll learn in this free guide: 

  • My 3 favorite income streams you should create ASAP (why isn’t EVERY entrepreneur doing this?!)

  • ​How to drastically cut your work week down to 20 hours or less per week (come and take Fridays off with me!)

  • ​How I created a million-dollar program so it only takes me 3 hours per month

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Hey! I'm Rachel Ngom. I went from food stamps to millionaire by 34 while traveling the world and being a mom FIRST. I love teaching entrepreneurs like you how to make more and work less.

Rachel Ngom